Amazing Gemstones

I am a lover of rocks. I collect them, polish them, and use them in artwork. I have always collected rocks and stones over the years. 

Here is a list of some of the ALL TIME besties!

  1. Amethyst

    • Metaphysical: Spiritual growth, intuition, calmness.
    • Physical: Healing, insomnia relief, sobriety.
  2. Rose Quartz

    • Metaphysical: Love, compassion, emotional healing.
    • Physical: Heart health, skin issues, fertility.
  3. Clear Quartz

    • Metaphysical: Amplification, clarity, spiritual insight.
    • Physical: Healing, energy cleansing, focus.
  4. Citrine

    • Metaphysical: Abundance, confidence, creativity.
    • Physical: Digestion, metabolism, mood enhancement.
  5. Tiger's Eye

    • Metaphysical: Courage, confidence, protection.
    • Physical: Pain relief, eye health, balance.
  6. Sodalite

    • Metaphysical: Communication, self-expression, insight.
    • Physical: Blood pressure, metabolism, digestion.
  7. Lapis Lazuli

    • Metaphysical: Wisdom, truth, self-awareness.
    • Physical: Immune system, thyroid, stress reduction.
  8. Labradorite

    • Metaphysical: Magic, transformation, intuition.
    • Physical: Respiratory health, metabolism, mental clarity.
  9. Hematite

    • Metaphysical: Grounding, protection, courage.
    • Physical: Blood circulation, pain relief, detoxification.
  10. Moonstone

    • Metaphysical: Intuition, emotional balance, fertility.
    • Physical: Hormonal balance, digestion, sleep.
  11. Turquoise

    • Metaphysical: Protection, communication, wisdom.
    • Physical: Immune system, respiratory health, detox.
  12. Garnet

    • Metaphysical: Passion, love, energy.
    • Physical: Circulation, metabolism, vitality.
  13. Black Onyx

    • Metaphysical: Protection, self-control, grounding.
    • Physical: Stress relief, immune system, bone health.
  14. Carnelian

    • Metaphysical: Creativity, motivation, confidence.
    • Physical: Digestion, vitality, fertility.
  15. Peridot

    • Metaphysical: Healing, abundance, growth.
    • Physical: Heart health, digestion, detoxification.
  16. Aventurine

    • Metaphysical: Luck, prosperity, optimism.
    • Physical: Heart health, circulation, allergies.
  17. Rhodonite

    • Metaphysical: Forgiveness, emotional healing, love.
    • Physical: Immune system, wounds, stress.
  18. Selenite

    • Metaphysical: Clarity, purification, energy cleansing.
    • Physical: Sleep aid, bone health, mental clarity.
  19. Jasper

    • Metaphysical: Grounding, strength, stability.
    • Physical: Circulation, detoxification, endurance.
  20. Malachite

    • Metaphysical: Transformation, protection, healing.
    • Physical: Liver health, inflammation, detox.
  21. Kyanite

    • Metaphysical: Alignment, communication, psychic abilities.
    • Physical: Throat health, mobility, balance.
  22. Fluorite

    • Metaphysical: Mental clarity, focus, intuition.
    • Physical: Immune system, concentration, pain relief.
  23. Apatite

    • Metaphysical: Self-expression, motivation, clarity.
    • Physical: Metabolism, weight loss, bone health.
  24. Shattuckite

    • Metaphysical: Communication, intuition, inner peace.
    • Physical: Throat health, immune support, stress relief.
  25. Lemon Quartz

    • Metaphysical: Joy, optimism, creativity.
    • Physical: Energy boost, digestion, clarity.
  26. Amazonite

    • Metaphysical: Communication, emotional healing, balance.
    • Physical: Nervous system, stress reduction, self-discovery.
  27. Blue Apatite

    • Metaphysical: Appetite suppression, motivation, insight.
    • Physical: Weight loss, metabolism, eye health.
  28. Rutile Quartz

    • Metaphysical: Intuition, spiritual growth, protection.
    • Physical: Immune system, tissue regeneration, mental clarity.
  29. Goshenite (White Beryl)

    • Metaphysical: Clarity, spirituality, communication.
    • Physical: Bone health, digestion, stress reduction.
  30. Celestite

    • Metaphysical: Angelic communication, inner peace, spiritual growth.
    • Physical: Sleep aid, respiratory health, calming.
  31. Zircon

    • Metaphysical: Protection, grounding, energy.
    • Physical: Emotional balance, reproductive system, sleep aid.
  32. Chrysocolla

    • Metaphysical: Emotional healing, communication, empowerment.
    • Physical: Female reproductive health, blood pressure, detox.
  33. Pyrite

    • Metaphysical: Abundance, protection, vitality.
    • Physical: Immune system, digestion, energy.
  34. Rutilated Quartz

    • Metaphysical: Amplification, spiritual growth, clarity.
    • Physical: Respiratory health, tissue repair, decision-making.
  35. Obsidian

    • Metaphysical: Protection, transformation, grounding.
    • Physical: Detoxification, pain relief, emotional healing.
  36. Red Jasper

    • Metaphysical: Grounding, stability, courage.
    • Physical: Blood circulation, vitality, emotional balance.
  37. Blue Lace Agate

    • Metaphysical: Communication, calming, self-expression.
    • Physical: Throat health, stress reduction, anxiety relief.
  38. Aquamarine

    • Metaphysical: Serenity, courage, communication.
    • Physical: Immune system, allergies, calming.
  39. Larimar

    • Metaphysical: Tranquility, self-expression, emotional healing.
    • Physical: Throat health, stress relief, soothing.
  40. Prehnite

    • Metaphysical: Healing, intuition, protection.
    • Physical: Kidney health, respiratory system, dreams.
  41. Sunstone

    • Metaphysical: Joy, leadership, self-empowerment.
    • Physical: Vitality, digestion, mood enhancement.
  42. Moss Agate

    • Metaphysical: Growth, abundance, connection to nature.
    • Physical: Immune support, circulation, patience.
  43. Kunzite

    • Metaphysical: Love, emotional healing, inner peace.
    • Physical: Heart health, stress reduction, mood enhancement.
  44. Morganite

    • Metaphysical: Unconditional love, emotional balance, harmony.
    • Physical: Heart health, compassion, self-acceptance.
  45. Green Jade

    • Metaphysical: Prosperity, protection, harmony.
    • Physical: Heart health, kidney support, calming.
  46. Opal

    • Metaphysical: Inspiration, creativity, emotional healing.
    • Physical: Vision improvement, intuition, memory.
  47. Chrysoprase

    • Metaphysical: Heart healing, forgiveness, compassion.
    • Physical: Immune system, digestion, emotional relief.
  48. Azurite

    • Metaphysical: Insight, psychic development, inner truth.
    • Physical: Brain health, intuition, meditation.
  49. Rainbow Moonstone

    • Metaphysical: Intuition, emotional healing, divine feminine.
    • Physical: Hormone balance, fertility, emotional release.
  50. Pink Tourmaline

    • Metaphysical: Love, compassion, emotional healing.
    • Physical: Heart health, emotional balance, self-love.

These gemstones encompass a wide array of metaphysical and physical properties, each offering unique benefits to individuals seeking to enhance various aspects of their lives, from spiritual growth and emotional healing to physical well-being and protection.