Rock Hounding Spots in the U.S.

I will say every state has something amazing to offer. The brief locations listed here are only a very small sampling of some popular spots for finding gems and rocks. As with all rockhounding, hound sustainably and respect the Earth. Also never trespass and always follow local, state, and federal laws.

Providing a detailed list of minerals and rocks found in each state, along with specific locations, would be an extensive task due to the sheer number of minerals and the geological diversity across the United States. However, I can provide you with a general overview of some commonly found minerals and rocks in various states:

  1. California:

    • Minerals: Gold (Sierra Nevada), Borax (Boron), Serpentine (San Francisco).
    • Rocks: Granite (Sierra Nevada), Sandstone (California Coast), Limestone (Death Valley).
  2. Arizona:

    • Minerals: Copper (Morenci), Turquoise (Kingman), Petrified Wood (Petrified Forest NP).
    • Rocks: Grand Canyon (Layered Sedimentary Rocks), Red Rocks (Sedona).
  3. Nevada:

    • Minerals: Silver (Comstock Lode), Mercury (Almaden), Opal (Virgin Valley).
    • Rocks: Great Basin National Park (Limestone Caves), Black Rock Desert (Lava Beds).
  4. Colorado:

    • Minerals: Rhodochrosite (Sweet Home Mine), Amazonite (Pikes Peak), Topaz (Tarryall Mountains).
    • Rocks: Rocky Mountains (Various Types), Garden of the Gods (Sandstone).
  5. Utah:

    • Minerals: Beryllium (Spor Mountain), Gilsonite (Uinta Basin), Potash (Moab).
    • Rocks: Bryce Canyon (Hoodoos), Arches National Park (Sandstone Arches).
  6. Texas:

    • Minerals: Fluorite (Hansonburg Mining District), Cinnabar (Terlingua), Alibates Flint (Lake Meredith).
    • Rocks: Palo Duro Canyon (Red Sandstone), Enchanted Rock (Granite Dome).
  7. North Carolina:

    • Minerals: Emerald (Hiddenite), Quartz (Reed Gold Mine), Corundum (Cowee Valley).
    • Rocks: Linville Gorge (Granite), Grandfather Mountain (Gneiss).
  8. South Dakota:

    • Minerals: Gold (Black Hills), Fairburn Agate (Fairburn), Rose Quartz (Custer).
    • Rocks: Badlands National Park (Sedimentary Layers), Needles Eye (Granite Formation).
  9. Florida:

    • Minerals: Phosphate (Bone Valley), Calcite (Ocala Limestone), Barite (Polk County).
    • Rocks: Florida Caverns State Park (Limestone Caves), Anastasia Formation (Coquina).
  10. Oregon:

    • Minerals: Sunstone (Plush), Obsidian (Newberry Volcano), Thundereggs (Richardson's Ranch).
    • Rocks: Crater Lake (Caldera), Smith Rock State Park (Basalt Columns).

These are just a few examples, and each state has a rich geological diversity with numerous minerals, rocks, and geological formations. For more detailed information on specific locations and minerals in each state, it's advisable to consult geological surveys, local mineral clubs, or state geological websites.