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Carnelian Sterling Silver Sigil Symbol Spiral Necklace Jewelry Pendant

Carnelian Sterling Silver Sigil Symbol Spiral Necklace Jewelry Pendant

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925 sterling. Handmade in USA. One of a kind design with two 3mm carnelian stones 


The pendant features a spiral symbol, meticulously crafted from sterling silver, representing the eternal cycle of life and growth. At its heart lies a Carnelian gemstone, radiating its warm and fiery hues. Carnelian is known for its invigorating and motivating energies, inspiring creativity and passion.

This necklace strikes a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and the profound symbolism of the spiral, making it a versatile accessory suitable for both special occasions and everyday wear. Whether you're seeking to embrace the energizing properties of Carnelian, elevate your style with meaningful design, or simply make a statement, this necklace is a reflection of your individuality.

Embrace the fusion of symbolism and the invigorating energy of Carnelian with our Carnelian Sterling Silver Sigil Symbol Spiral Necklace. It's more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of authenticity, motivation, and the enduring allure of handcrafted craftsmanship. Elevate your fashion with this unique necklace that marries artistry and elegance in a truly exceptional way.

Carnelian is a vibrant and energetic crystal with a wide range of metaphysical properties. This orange to reddish-brown gemstone is associated with the Sacral Chakra and is known for its ability to enhance creativity, motivation, and personal power. Here are some of its key metaphysical properties:

  1. Creativity and Motivation: Carnelian is often referred to as the "Artist's Stone" because it is believed to stimulate creativity and inspire artistic endeavors. It can boost motivation, drive, and ambition, making it an excellent crystal for those seeking to achieve their goals and pursue their passions.

  2. Energy and Vitality: This crystal is known for its revitalizing and energizing qualities. It can help dispel lethargy, fatigue, and feelings of low energy. Wearing or carrying carnelian is thought to provide a natural energy boost.

  3. Courage and Confidence: Carnelian is associated with qualities of courage and self-confidence. It can help individuals overcome self-doubt and fear, encouraging them to take bold actions and embrace new opportunities.

  4. Emotional Healing: Carnelian's warm and comforting energy can assist in emotional healing and the release of past traumas. It can encourage the expression of feelings and the resolution of emotional issues, promoting a sense of inner peace and well-being.

  5. Enhanced Passion: As a stone of desire and sensuality, carnelian can ignite and amplify passions, both in romantic relationships and in life's pursuits. It can enhance one's zest for life and desire for adventure.

  6. Enhanced Decision-Making: Carnelian is believed to enhance clarity of thought and aid in decision-making. It can help individuals make choices that align with their true desires and intentions.

  7. Balancing the Sacral Chakra: Carnelian is closely associated with the Sacral Chakra, which governs emotions, creativity, and personal relationships. Using carnelian in meditation or energy work can help balance and activate this chakra, fostering emotional equilibrium.



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